The tender

"Knowledge depo-Express" – Affirmation of non-formal and informal educational role of library network in the interest of life-long studying – Application titled Service development aiming at more efficient meeting the requirements of library users

Title of the project:

Electronic Professional Library Partner Portal, supporting teaching and studying

Our goal is to create such an electronic portal, via which the services of consortium will be available to improve conditions of public education. A common database, education supporting services and trainings will be created with double task:

  • To provide methodological background support to public educational institutes;
  • To transfer advisedly the elements of digital literacy and location related professional information to users.

Our important goal is to involve more strongly the regional educational libraries in methodological work and communication channels. In this way we wish to improve availability of methodological and studying materials of life-long learning and ability of librarians and users in the field of electronic studying. Later we will encourage the joining of other school libraries, even expanded for entire North-Hungarian Region.
A multilingual portal area will be established with database and uploading with library data of the partners.
As result of the project, the most important basis of life-long learning, number and quality of electronic studying will expectedly be increasing in the region and also the accessibility of educational library stocks.

The structure of consortium:

  • Eszterházy Károly College (leader of consortium)
    • Central Library
    • Libraries of Eszterházy Károly Practising Primary School, Secondary School and Primary Artistic Educational Institute
  • Neumann János Secondary and Boarding School
  • Archives of Heves County
  • Theological College of Eger

Amount of subsidy: 88 556 077 HUF
Coverage of subsidy: 100 %